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Reach Your Health Goals and Unlock Your Transformation the Simple and Fun Way with The CAIT Method

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The CAIT Method

The CAIT Method, which stands for Connect, Approach, Integrate, and Transform, is my custom comprehensive approach to achieving a healthy and fulfilling life. In the Connect module, clients are guided to establish a strong connection with themselves and their desired lifestyle, including their vision, goals, and mindset. Moving on to the Approach module, clients learn holistic and healthy approaches to nutrition and internal well-being, fostering long-term results and happiness through methods like the secondary food approach. The Integrate module focuses on helping clients create personalized workout plans, understand their mind-body connection, develop lasting routines, and cultivate sustainable habits. Lastly, in the Transform module, clients are empowered to transform various aspects of their lives, such as their community, relationships, social life, and even finances, in order to live a holistic and healthy lifestyle. As part of this program, clients gain access to valuable resources such as recipes, workout videos, nutrition label scanners, AI technology, and group coaching sessions with a certified health coach who has successfully assisted numerous women worldwide in achieving their health goals in a sustainable manner.

Get Your Free Health Score Now! 

Want to know your current health score now?  Ready to find out if you are are prioritizing your health? Click the link below to take my FREE 5 minute quiz to find out for yourself NOW! 

About Caitlin 

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Caitlin is revolutionizing the way people approach their health, and well-being. With a passion for empowering individuals live their healthiest and happiest lives, Caitlin has developed a proven 4-step method that has transformed the lives of dozens of individuals worldwide. Through her expertise and guidance, she helps clients become stronger, healthier, and more confident. With Caitlin as your coach, you can expect personalized strategies, support, and a tailored approach that addresses your bio-individual needs and goals.


My Services

Complete by Caitlin 


1:1 Health Coaching Program

My personalized 12-week coaching program.

Introducing our 12-week health coaching program, designed to empower you on your journey towards a happier and healthier life. Led by Caitlin Spears, a certified health and nutrition coach, this program was created to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to achieve lasting results.

Throughout the 12 weeks, you will learn Caitlin's proven 4-step method The CAIT Method.  The CAIT Method focuses on nutrition, fitness, mindset, lifestyle, and all aspects of your well-being. Additionally, Caitlin will provide ongoing support, accountability, and motivation to keep you on track and overcome any obstacles that may arise.


The Look Good, Feel Good Academy

Your ultimate step-by-step guide to living a healthier, happier and more confident life.

Strengthen your confidence, reach your health goals, and finally feel good in your own skin in 12 weeks without confusion, self doubt, or uncertainty

At the heart of this course lies the CAIT Method, a proven 4-step approach developed by our experienced health coach, Caitlin Spears. With her expertise and a deep understanding of what it takes to create sustainable change, Caitlin has crafted a unique roadmap that will guide you towards your health and wellness goals.

During this live course you can expect, 12-weeks of weekly Q&A calls with Caitlin and the community, a private facebook group for support and accountability, pre-recorded educational videos and worksheets, and lifetime access to not only the Look Good Feel Good Academy, but also to our amazing partner The Actually Healthy App.  (Enrollment opens again in April 2024, join my waitlist now to find out more.)


(Coming Soon)

A clean and simple cookbook, made for anyone on a journey to healthier eating!

My clean and simple cookbook is filled with some of my absolute favorite healthy recipes.  This book holds recipes that are near and dear to me and my own personal health journey over the past decade.  I believe everyone should have access to simple and healthy recipes!


Miami, FL 33137

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