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Ready to FINALLY look and feel good in your own skin?  I got you!


My name is Caitlin Spears 

I am a certified health, nutrition and fitness coach who focuses on helping women all over the world become healthy, happy and confident in their own skin.  I've created a coaching program that helps you create a strong foundation and gives you the tools and roadmap you need to succeed long term. 

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Why work with me, a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach?

Looking to transform your health and FINALLY feel good in your own skin? Look no further!

As an experienced health coach who has helped dozens of women all over the world achieve their health goals, I am passionate about  helping people like yourself do the same. With a personalized approach and proven 4-step method, I provide guidance, support, and accountability to help you make sustainable changes that can last a lifetime. Whether you're aiming to lose weight (the healthy way) and keep it off, improve your confidence, or just live a healthier life you truly love, I can help you get there.  Before I take on any new clients I always do a FREE discovery call to understand your struggles and evaluate which of  my programs you might be a good fit for.  During this call I also answer all of your questions surrounding the programs and how they work.  If you think you might be ready to take the first step towards achieving your health goals with me as your guide click the link below to apply now and schedule a call completely free! 

1 on 1 Weekly Virtual Coaching Calls 

One of the thing you can expect when you join my coaching program is 1 on 1 custom tailored support in the form of our weekly calls.  These calls will be where I will do your check-ins, make adjustments as necessary and give you all the tools and support you need to succeed. Each call is around 60-70 minutes and can be scheduled in at a time that best suits your schedule. 

*My mini coaching program includes two 1:1 calls

*My complete coaching program includes twelve 1:1 calls 

Nutrition Planning for Success 

Another amazing thing you can expect when you join my coaching program is my 1 on 1 nutrition planning and guidance I will be giving you.  We will work to identify your goals and then tailor your nutrition program to fit your goals and your lifestyle.  I will also be educating you on nutrition and hormone health so you can be be well equipped to continue on with your health journey far beyond my coaching program.  This part of the program includes creating you a custom nutrition plan and helping you make changes as needed throughout the program. 

Workout Plans to Fit Your Life & Goals 

During my coaching program I help each of my clients create a workout plan that not only suits your goals, but also your preferences and lifestyle.  I like to say "if you don't like it, you most likely won't do it" so we want to make sure you like what you need to do.  My plans will include your weekly workout programs + videos that will walk you through each move so you can never feel lost or alone at the gym or at home.  During this part of the program I will also be helping you create routines that will propel you towards long term success. 

In Depth Learning for all Areas of Your Health 

Your health extends far beyond just the food on your plate and the workouts you do.  Your health is physical, mental and emotional and as such we must learn to care for all parts of our health.  During this part of the program I will be teaching you techniques for better mental health, implementing self care practices for emotional health and walking you through tools you can use to make sure you are always caring for each area of your health, not just one.  I've got the roadmap and tools and I can't wait to share it all with YOU!

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If you’d like more information about my programs, get in touch today.

My Clients Say

Jess Hancock photo.JPG
“I don't think words can do justice to how much Complete by Caitlin has changed and saved my life. I have tried every diet, every program out there and nothing seemed to stick. I would do okay but quickly lose motivation and gain all my weight back. Caitlin helped me realize a huge aspect I was missing in my life: my self confidence.”

Jessica H, New York 

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